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Forrester Consulting Study: Cashing In On Social Commerce 

The future of social commerce is now. Here’s everything you need to know to ensure lasting customer relationships and continued growth.

Social commerce has been building steam for years. COVID-19 only accelerated things, as brands needed to rapidly adapt to meet new consumer needs, behaviors, and preferences.

In this new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Emplifi, 83% of B2C organizations surveyed are investing in 2+ social shops, with plans to expand to 4+ shops over the next year. Nearly nine in 10 are seeing or expecting ROI on their social commerce investment within the first year, too.

But two key challenges stand in the way of long-term success: having the right tools to deliver on social commerce objectives and effortlessly managing and tracking performance across all social media shops. How can brands like yours tackle these challenges?

Key Findings:

  • For brands, the long-term success of social commerce strategies depends on moving beyond a "revenue-first" mentality and towards one that fosters customer experiences across the entire social journey.

  • Organizations currently focus on basic social commerce capabilities, like messenger campaigns, but not on personalized customer interactions.

  • Only 26% of leaders interviewed report that their current social commerce capabilities are closely aligned with their goal to capture the next generation of consumers.

Download the Forrester Opportunity Snapshot today to get the latest insights on the state of social commerce, where it's headed, and how brands can tackle the top challenges today.

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