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Report: 7 fascinating facts every customer service team must know today

Consumers today want — and expect — instant gratification. They also expect brands to adapt to their preferences, not the other way around. Perhaps no department comes face-to-face with customers’ changing expectations the way the service team does.

So, what exactly do consumers expect from their customer service experiences today?

In this Emplifi report, we explore this in more detail. Based on findings from an Emplifi-commissioned survey conducted by Harris Interactive, this report sheds light on these expectations across three key age groups – Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z – and identifies areas where brands can improve.

Key insights from the report include:

  • 81% of consumers would leave a brand they’ve been loyal to after as few as two poor experiences.

  • 52% of consumers expect brands to respond within one hour (and many even expect to hear back within five minutes).

  • 75% of consumers find it important to have a fully self-service customer care option available to them.

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