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The Total Economic Impact™ of Emplifi Live Commerce

A Forrester Consulting study

Any brands hesitating to add Live Commerce to their social media experience have the evidence they need to take the leap. This commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Emplifi provides the most thorough examination yet of the impact of Emplifi Live Commerce — including how brands that have embraced it are enjoying a 306% return on their investment*.

The study discusses the evolving customer expectations for a seamless omnichannel experience with the brands they buy from, noting that the Emplifi clients Forrester interviewed and combined into a single composite organization had previously run into numerous issues that negatively impacted sales and the overall customer experience before they started using Emplifi Live Commerce.

But with Emplifi Live Commerce, the results were quick and undeniable. Some of the key benefits included*:

  • Online sales conversion rate of 20%, compared to just 2% prior to using Emplifi Live Commerce

  • Vastly improved efficiency for sales consultants, with less time spent on transactions compared to face-to-face interactions

  • A seamless customer journey and increased sales interaction with greater personalization, leading to tailored upsell opportunities

To learn more about these benefits and many others, including quantifying the impact of Emplifi Live Commerce on customer reach, data insights, shortened sales cycles, customer journeys, and to see quotes from clients who use Emplifi Live Commerce every day, fill out the form to download the full study!

*Results from this study are based on a composite organization comprised of results from interviewees with experience using Emplifi.

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