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Report: The State of Social Media and CX – Q3 2021

What trends are shaping social media and CX right now? In a fast-evolving digital environment, brands need an up-to-date perspective to stay ahead of the competition and reach the right consumers at the right time

Emplifi’s State of Social Media and CX report brings marketers up-to-speed with the latest Emplifi data from paid and organic social media. It’s packed with actionable insights to guide your upcoming paid and organic social media campaigns, and inspire ideas to inspire customer-winning experiences.

Some of the key findings from our Q3 2021 report include:

  • Ad spend on Facebook and Instagram grew 43% since Q3 2020. 

  • Live video excelled at driving engagement, driving notably more interactions than any other type of Facebook post, including standard video and image posts.

  • Facebook Instream Video continues to be underutilized by marketers, leading all ad placement types in click-through rate (CTR). 

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